Ovada is a charming town on the northern side of the Ligurian Appennino, between the two rivers Orba and Stura and completely surrounded by hills full of vineyards and woods.
The old town is pittoreque with ancient historical buildings and churches of artistic value.
Situated  between Liguria and Piemonte, Ovada is particulary interesting for the mixture of influeces of the two regions. regarding artchitecture traditions, and also gastronomy.
The first part of our competition will be held at Scuola Civica a.rebora, in the historical building of Palazzo Maineri, a significant example of Rinassence architecture of the XVIth century
During the xviii century the building has been purchased by the Rossi a Genoese aristocratic family and during the the xix century it was the site of an important art collection (now no longer present there)
In 1933 it was purchased by the Municipality of Ovada and has become the location of the Music School.
The final of the competition and rhe Gala concert will be held in the magnificent Loggia di San Sebastiano. In the past it was a church now it s the location of important cultural events such as concerts and art exhibitions.
The site is a romanesque church  of the XII th century) which has been the main church in Ovada for centuries.
It has been recently restaured, bringing bsck to light some very.interesting frescos.