Margot Kaftal prize is a brand new international project by the Municipality of Ovada, SH International Management, Scuola Civica di Musica A. Rebora and Associazione Culturale Januartes, dedicated to opera singers to be held in the historic pittoresque town of Ovada (40 km from the main city of Genoa) and entitled to Margot Kaftal, a famous Polish soprano of the first part of the XX century who lived and worked as an esteemed vocal teacher for the last part of her life in Italy (exactly in Ovada).

In the name of Margot Kaftal we intend to offer a new and important chance for singers of all over the world, to start their carrier and debut roles in imporant theatres. In fact the project is essentially based on offering concrete possibilities of carrier and professional debut to the talented winners of the competition, presenting imporant international theatres as partners and a very prestigious international Jury.